You wanna hog body? You better sissy that walk, bitch.

For those who aren’t keeping up with the shade and sissyage, here’s the tea: The three remaining queens of this season’s RuPaul’s Drag Race are heading to Las Vegas tomorrow to find out which one will take home the crown on live TV. (For the record, I’m firmly both #TeamBianca and #TeamAdore. Really, I’d be happy if either one won — and they both need to host a variety hour together on LOGO.)

But one Queen in particular, Adore Delano (otherwise known as Danny Noreiga, who I most definitely stanned for before he was prematurely ousted on American Idol Season 7), had other plans in mind while in Sin City last night…


The messy #party princess went to The Holy Spearit‘s final night of her Piece Of Me residency! (Before she returns in August, that is.)

While there, she was #blessed with the opportunity to meet the Living Legend, who was sporting a sensible Cheesy Grits yellow dress.

How did this come about? Because once again, as a tireless LGBT Warrior, Britney believes that everyone deserves money, love and happiness (REFERENCE) equally. It’s no wonder, then, that she would happily embrace drag culture — especially considering her sizable collection of Meet & Greetney wigs. (Call me when your faves are so selflessly dedicated to the community.)

And that’s not all…

During the show, Adore was called up to the stage to play Brit Brit’s sex slave during “Freakshow,” serving her finest, most ferocious panther on the runway while getting spanked and sassed. Mama Ru would be proud! Job well done, everyone.

Good luck tomorrow, Adore — and don’t fuck it up.