Meet Andrea Lewis.

Perhaps you’ve seen her around: The actress-turned-singer is best known for her role as Hazel Aden in five seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation, as well as a role in Nickelodeon’s first ever musical, Spectacular!

Now, feel free to add “One to Watch” to her repertoire.

On October 10 (10/10/10), Lewis will be unleashing a free album on her blog (Those Girls Are Wild–which I am assured is not porn).

“Voodoo” is the first single from the upcoming effort.

Despite what you might assume from an actress-turned-singer, “Voodoo” is not the by-the-numbers electro-pop track you may be expecting: Like her Degrassi roots, Lewis’ single goes there.

“Let’s get it!” Lewis yelps in the track’s first few opening seconds. Accompanied by funk-ified hand claps, organs, and spacey synthesizers, Lewis’ voice is fiery and earnest–like a cross between Alesha Dixon and Janelle Monae–allowing her to riff and leap through the song’s catchy melodies with ease.

The track, which was co-penned by Lewis and her partner, Ty Lorraine, was produced by Ty Steez.

If the rest of the album is as top notch a production as “Voodoo,” someone’s going to have a record deal very soon. After all, a music career spun from the roots of Degrassi seemed to work nicely for Drake, didn’t it?

Andrea Lewis’ upcoming album, 54321, will be released on October 10 on her website.