Kylie Minogue Performs “Get Outta My Way” on The Paul O’Grady Show

On Friday night, Kylie Minogue performed “Get Outta My Way” on The Paul O’Grady Show.

Much as with any of her other performances during the Aphrodite era, Kylie has reduced me to little more than a puddle of hearts and glitter while watching. Literally. I’m incapable of withholding a grin when I’m watching her perform…it’s cute overload!

As with the latest string of “Get Outta My Way” performances, Mizz Minogue kept it classy with her chair routine and a boatload of vogue-rrific hand moves and poses. It seems she’s switched up some of the moves ever so slightly again, which is nice because each performance of the song thus far has had its own special little moments.

You’ll also need to watch this brief clip of Kylie being interviewed by O’Grady–and being introduced to an aged version of herself, played by none other than her twinkle-toed bestie, Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears. It’s a must see!

Please, remember everyone–“Get Outta My Way” is being released TOMORROW in the UK. Let’s do one of the greatest singles of 2010 proper justice and give it its rightful #1 debut, okay?

Click here to order the single in various formats on Kylie’s website. (The 3-piece bundle is headed to my doorstep as we e-speak!)

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