Introduucing…Champagne Riot!

This is Champagne Riot, an electro-pop Danish duo made up of members Caspar Bock and Anders Reuter.

Now, I know what you’re all thinking: “But Bradley darling, isn’t all music created in Scandinavian pop perfection by default?” Yes, my dearest Muuser…you’re quite right, and Champagne Riot is certainly no exception.

Both of the group’s members come “from an alternative music background….however they would not hesitate for a moment in describing the works of producers Max Martin and Stock, Aitken, Waterman as pure and genuine art forms.” Under the “Influences” section of their MySpace, the group lists plainly: “Hedonism, nihilism and Abba.” So many bonus points already, no?

On September 27, the duo will be unleashing their debut double A-side single, “Heart Stab / A Friend Of A Friend,” which you can stream in full below.

“Heart Stab.”

“A Friend Of A Friend.”

Both songs, although filled to the brim with twinkling electronica production and ear-worm melodies, ache with an inherent sadness on top of a sugary disco beat. It’s almost like listening to The Beach Boys if produced by Kleerup or Röyksopp–plenty of riffs, and plenty of tears.

“Feels like a heart stab whenever you are near / The sweet taste of sugar, the sweet taste of fear.”

For fans of Hurts, the Pet Shop Boys, and all things Scandinavian pop.

Click here to visit the band’s official website, which includes a slight (but spot-on) rant about Lady Gaga.

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