Nuhdeen Cawyul is something of a legend here at MuuMuse. Armed with powerhouse singing chops, killer looks, and a speaking voice worthy of a thousand documentary narrations (Planet Earth as narrated by Nadine Coyle, PLEASE?!), the Irish Aloud delight has always held a special place in my heart.

“Insatiable” is the lead single an title track from Mizz Coyle’s upcoming debut album due out in November–and it just happens to be a smash.

With emphasis on big, bold vocals and a sassy brass section, “Insatiable” is unlike what we’ve become far too accustomed to on the radio. It’s not synth-pop, it’s not a Guetta banga, nor is it anything even close to R&B (and thank God, because there’s nothing even slightly ‘urban’ about her.)

Penned by the singer herself, “Insatiable” is a welcome musical burst of fresh air and real instrumentation, and–although the average Aloud fan might take this for granted (I know I’ve started to)–yet another display of the singer’s incredible vocal prowess.

“It’s like WHOA, who knew?” I couldn’t have sang it better myself. No, really…I couldn’t.