New York Fashion Week: The Prince Peter Collection x Natalia Kills

Let me just begin with a small caveat: Fashion blogger I am not, nor will I even make any attempt to be, so don’t expect any detailed writing about silhouettes or searing criticism for the designer’s use of midnight black fabric over obsidian. I was invited to the Prince Peter Collection due largely in part to Natalia Kills’ premiere NYC performance.

And also because I’m a blog superstar. I mean, obviously.

Upon arriving at the nondescript SoHo warehouse where the Prince Peter collection was showing on Wednesday evening, I soon found myself in the company of what became a mini-Strangers In Stereo convention, complete with Hard Candy Music and The Culture of Me (and a few minutes later inside, Sheena Beaston and Tastes Like Caramel).

Yes, a gaggle (or murder?) of music bloggers standing outside of a fashion show. WORLDS. COLLIDE.

To my great surprise, the collection’s showing was exactly that: A display of models standing perched against a blank white wall on a set of platforms. No runway. No seats. Just a large studio filled to the brim with buzzing fashionistas all gawking at the skinny tall things against the wall.

And there the models stood, busily mussing their hair and providing their best discontented scowls for the duration of the event.

The troupe was decked out in their finest punk-inspired Prince Peter garments and accouterments (tattered, fraying black and white graphic tees; plaid pants; slitted-up leggings; patent leather boots; mismatched shoe laces), all the while looking very irreverent, very indifferent, and so very, very hungry.

After taking a decent amount of photographs of the group, I soon headed back to the cocktail area, where I saw none other than Miss Natalia Kills quckly working her way through the crowd. She was looking killer (if you will), suited in a studded and spiked leather jacket and acid wash shorts.

Though my vastly cooler bloggy friends insisted I control my senseless pop-filled urges, I figured this was my opportunity: I politely tapped her on the shoulder (or did I grab her arm? I can’t recall), and introduced myself. Luckily, she remembered me from our interview a few months ago and excitedly shook my hand. Smitten!

I sort of launched into fan-boy mode at that point, asking her about the performance and what songs she’d sing. “Oh, I’m going to be dreadful,” to said to me with a worried look. She explained that the soundcheck didn’t go as planned as there were some issues with the audio. I assured her she’d be amazing, but she didn’t seem so convinced.

At that point, the crowd was starting to move toward the models, and I could see that Natalia’s PR was darting back to her, so I asked for quick snapshot together (see above, looking dorky) while there was still time.

“If I’m awful, just throw shit at me,” she urged while being whisked away for more photos. “I will!” I promised. What? Should I not respect the singer’s wishes? (Oh yeah, and that tall blur behind us is Dan Black. See the first photo!)

And then, a bit more waiting. The music and chatter grew louder, the drinks grew numerous and flowed quickly, and the models began to grow restless and stuff their hands down their pants. It was a certain brand of organized chaos.

Mercifully around 7:30, the crowd began shuffling around the main stage around 7:30 as the host of the night, Prince Peter, came onto the stage. With a gratuitously potty-mouthed introduction from the designer (“she’s fucking awesome, she’s the fucking best, etc.”), Natalia walked on stage with two dancers for her first performance in New York City.

“Hello, sweethearts!” she announced to the crowd.

Natalia’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it set consisted of three tracks: “Zombie,” “Mirrors,” and a new track–“Wonderland.” Working it out onstage with two dancers, Miss Kills gave her all despite the space’s unusual set-up, a brief audio cut out, and a tepid response from the…err, fashion-centric crowd. Yeah, let’s call them that.

It was a hard crowd to please for sure (alright, let’s keep it real–it was filled with pretentious hipster douches), but Ms. Kills worked it out despite all the gob-stopping snobbery surrounding her. She banged out the choreography (and there was plenty!), delivered the vocals (and it was live!), and I’ll be damned if she didn’t work that cramped 5-foot-long stage for all it was worth.

Honestly, I was super proud and loving it up completely. I just wish the set wasn’t so short!

Beyond Natalia’s performance, the show soon began winding down. Well, for me at least. Bebe Buell came on stage (Liv Tyler‘s mom, for those unaware) sporting a festive top-hat and a vintage, furry Chanel something-or-other on her shoulders. At that point I’d already had my fun, and was more than ready to head out. So, after squeezing past the 600th stick figure blonde that I mistook for Taylor Momsen, we were gone.

Despite tuckering out a bit early, I had a great time–and the clothing was tres chic–kudos, Prince Peter! A fabulous time all around.

I do wish Chloe Sevigny was there, though.

Willow Smith, Nine Year Old Daughter of Will Smith, Records Musical Masterpiece

Willow Smith, Nine Year Old Daughter of Will Smith, Records Musical Masterpiece


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