Ask any stranger/homeless person on the street, and they’ll tell you the same thing: Doll Domination is a classic.*

Just two weeks ago, after a rousing discussion about the underrated-ness of the four to six Pussycat Dolls that tagged along and lifted their legs behind Nicole Scherzinger whilst she delivered the bulk of the group’s vocals, a good friend of mine sent over a copy of the deluxe edition of Doll Domination, which I somehow did not already own in physical form. (My friends treat me well.)

The group’s sophomore effort has since been on solid repeat in my car over the past two weeks–mostly because I’m too lazy to change the CD, but also because of the non-stop hits that the record provides.

Aside from being a non-stop roller coaster of hits (I’m only half kidding), one of the songs in particular deserves some much needed Muusing: “Elevator.”

The track was co-written by three people: Darkchild, Crystal Johnson (most recently responsible for Rihanna‘s “Only Girl (In The World)”), and some rando named Stefani Germanotta. Uh…Good luck making it in the music industry with that mouthful of a name, sweetie.

But really, I love “Elevator.” For so, so many reasons. Most of all because it’s actually a very good, very melodic spacey-R&B groove with a dozen or more catchy hooks. It’s also the perfect end-of-summer jam for me right now when driving around town with the windows down while the wind’s whipping my hurr.

You’ve got to love those chorus lyrics too, which are nothing if not illustrative: “You’re stuck on 1, while I’m pressin’ 3 / Then we get up on the 4th floor, but then we disagree.” Are you getting the visual yet? Do you see the narrative arch? AND I’M JUST TRY’NNA ELEVATE ‘CHA….LIKE AN ELEVATOR.

There’s that bridge too, in which Melody Thornton gets her moment outside of the Scherzy shadow with one single, masterfully delivered line:  “Oh, there gotta be some women who feelin’ the way I’m feelin, say yeah, yeah.” Brilliant and stunning.

In the scheme of all things musical, “Elevator” is a very good modern pop song that probably did not get the attention it deserves. Now, I’m giving it some love.

RIP PCD. Gone but never forgotten.