Buying A Bag of Doritos Allows You To Manipulate Rihanna Any Way You Like

The long-awaited Doritos campaign with Rihanna has arrived–but there’s a cheesy catch!

Head over to Doritos Late Night website and you’ll see that you can now access Rihanna’s complete ~late night experience~. Thing is, you need to fork over for a bag of Doritos Late Night ‘All Nighter Cheeseburger’ just to fully access that shit.

No, I am not even kidding you right now. Here’s some blah blah blah from a press release I found:

Designed to put control of the experience in consumers’ hands, the Rihanna augmented reality performance is available in both day and night settings. Fans are able to unleash Rihanna’s late-night side by pointing a graphic symbol located on the back of Doritos Late Night special-edition bags at a web cam. Fans can personalize Rihanna’s performance by the way they hold and move the bag, offering up a new experience each and every time. Customization is available to viewers of the regional artists as well by putting them in control of a 360-degree viewing environment that they can use to create their own personalized music experience.


But really, here’s the full video featuring the day and night version of the David Guetta-produced “Who’s That Chick” below.

I love to pieces!!! But isn’t this EXACTLY like Tommy February6 (video) /Tommy Heavenly6 (video) dynamic, J-Pop fans? Anyone…anyone?

Oy…just watch the links.


“Who’s That Chick” will be released on David Guetta’s upcoming re-release, One More Love, on November 29. Rihanna’s upcoming studio album, LOUD, will be released on November 16. (iTunes)

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