And now, the single version of Robyn‘s lead track from Body Talk Pt. 3, “Indestructible.”

While “Dancing On My Own” remains my favorite of the three lead singles of the Body Talk campaign, “Indestructible” is, of course, another smash hit for the Swedish superstar. But since when has Robyn ever gone wrong?

I do have to admit, though: I love this song, but I’m not entirely sold on this mix. While “Hang With Me” benefited from its space-age electro-disco production lift, this particular makeover proves somewhat less successful in my eyes (or ears, rather).

To me, the orchestrated treatment found on Body Talk Pt. 2 is much closer to where the song should be musically. This rendition is slightly too cold and detached for me, ultimately feeling more like a remix than the song’s ‘intended’ form.

BUT: It’s okay! I’m just going to gobble this up anyway. Besides, this song contains some of the best lyrics of the year.

“Indestructible” will be released at the end of November. Body Talk Pt. 2 was released on September 6.