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Now introducing the debut album, Pain Disappears, from electronic musicians Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia. Mlle is the French abbreviation for the word “mademoiselle.” I forget the exact translation of that word, but roughly it means “made in moiselle.” The collaboration produces unquestionably hypnotic music. The typical song off of their upcoming album features complex mash-ups of thumping electronic blips, melancholic guitar strumming, and unadulterated synth-rock. The song production is reminiscent to that of Cut Copy, Royksopp, and New Order. Each track’s echoey vocals are pulled straight from the pages of classic 80’s dark electro-pop. “Dead Souls” offers a dark Junkie XL-ish, thickly-French accented reflection of memories from the past. Give this fresh collaboration a shot…It’s one of those CD’s that can be brought out in the middle of the dance floor, or listened to while drifting into slumber. I found myself really enjoying the diverse tunes on the album. The tracks can be monotonous (they tend to last around six minutes), but the melodies are individually infectious and reflective.

Included in this post is a MuuMuse Excluusive for you all, the Ben Watt radio edit of the track, “Dead Souls.” Dig in!

DL: Mlle Caro & Franck Garcia – Dead Souls (Ben Watt Radio Edit)

Please enjoy, and if you like what you hear, make sure you buy their album, Pain Disappears, on March 4th from BuzzinFly Records.
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Boys Vs. Girls

Boys Vs. Girls

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So tired.

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