Utada Hikaru has just posted a new message on her Twitter urging her fans not to buy the recently announced English greatest hits album, Utada The Best, stating:

The release of “Utada the best” is entirely against my will. I wish that my fans won’t have to buy it. There’s no new material in it.

She then went on to say (in Japanese, translated):

Single Collection Vol. 2 is a release that’s filled with my sincerity. I plan to make a more detailed comment about Utada The Best in the days to come. But pre-orders have already started… I wrote what I did because I couldn’t hold it in anymore. Good night for tonight!

Everything about the release of Utada the Best looked and felt like a way to cash in on Single Collection Vol. 2‘s upcoming release. I bet daddy’s going to be pissed.

Go Utada for keeping it real!

Original story courtesy of Aramatheydidnt, as well as second tweet translation.