Madonna Shares Stuart Price’s ‘Celebration Tour’ DJ Mix (For Free!)

Mother and Father put a cherry disco ball on top of the tour’s run.

As if the record-shattering, Queen of Pop™-affirming final Celebration Tour performance in Brazil wasn’t more than enough of a blessing, Madonna‘s just gone and given us one hell of an early Mother’s Day gift, directly from Mother and Father (REFERENCE) themselves.

If you were fortunate enough to catch the Celebration Tour in the past year, you might have been in one of the audiences that was treated to a DJ set from the one and only Confessions on a Dance Floor producer himself, Stuart Price, who kept the pre-show energy high with a killer all-Madge megamix as we awaited her arrival to the stage – and/or began filling out the paperwork for those tardiness lawsuits from our seats.

Now, Stuart’s brilliant mix is available for all of us to enjoy on Mixcloud.

“Music to dance to this weekend,” Her Madgesty simply declared on her Instagram Story on Saturday night (May 10), along with a Mixcloud link to the nearly one-hour long set.

As we should expect from the producer, the mix is far from a simple cut-and-paste job of the hits one after the other. Instead, it’s an electrifying romp through the eras largely centered around Confessions, sprinkling in tons of instantly recognizable spoken word vocals (“I have no regrets,” “I’m talking, I’m talking / I believe in the power of love…“) and thick deep(er and deeper) House beats.

There are plenty of fan-favorite pulls from the discography – the journey from “Impressive Instant” into “Future Lovers” into “Rescue Me”! – that should satiate fans of all different versions of the “Hey You” chanteuse. There’s also Sylvester‘s “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” into “Music.” He’s even blended in the 1991 “Dear MTV” interlude from the tour, and the 2016 Billboard Woman of the Year speech, as used in the tour’s montage of news clips, performances, music videos and former lovers – and even…2001: A Space Odyssey?! Brilliant.

This is a man who truly gets it, and also understands what we love most about Madge. (“Reverend Stuart Price,” indeed.)

As if this month couldn’t get any better, Stuart and M just provided a big ol’ disco ball cherry on top of the tour’s run.

I’ve listed the songs as I’ve heard them in order, but feel free to let me know which sounds, samples and beats you might be hearing in between…

Where’s the party? Push play and find out.

Stuart Price’s Celebration Tour DJ Mix Track List

1. “Secret Garden” / “Justify My Love”
2. “Secret”
3. “Deeper & Deeper”
4. “Human Nature”
5. “Impressive Instant”
6. “Future Lovers”
7. “Rescue Me”
8. “Forbidden Love”
9. “What It Feels Like For a Girl”
10. “Get Together”
11. “Sorry (PSB Remix)”
12. “Let It Will Be”
13. “Music” / “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”

Photo credit: @Madonna

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