If you’re still itching to hear over-hyped mediocrity on record, Cheryl Cole‘s sophomore album, Messy Little Raindrops, hits the shelves today. Expect this to break sales records like the album’s lead single, “Promise This”–and all with only one actual good song (“Yeah Yeah feat. Travie McCoy“) on the whole entire CD! (Read the review now.)

But in case good pop music is more of your thing, here are two better options released in the last week: Joe McElderry‘s debut album Wide Awake and The Wanted‘s self-titled debut.

In an arena largely dominated by the ladies, McElderry’s Wide Awake isn’t just an incredibly strong debut for an X Factor alum, but a well-crafted, impressive pop collection from the male perspective. Highlights include the brooding “Until The Stars Run Out,” the swaggering “Love Is War,” and the Scissor Sisters-esque, falsetto-heavy glee of “Real Late Starter” and “Fahrenheit.” Not to be missed! (Full disclosure: We’re basically dating.) (iTunes UK)

Despite all the stereotypes that come into play when dealing with boy bands, The Wanted’s self-titled debut is loaded with sophisticated tunes, heartbreaking melodies and soulful harmonization. Along with the group’s massively successful lead single “All Time Low,” the album’s best moments–including the impossibly catchy “Replace Your Heart,” “Made,” and the incredibly vulnerable “Hi and Low”–prove that this 21st century upgrade of the ’90’s boy band has much more to offer than predictable pop gloss. (iTunes UK)

There we go: Now you have some better music to listen to.