Miss KERI Baby–look what you gone did!

Keri Hilson is breaking out the big guns (literally) for “The Way You Love Me,” the third single off of her upcoming sophomore studio release, No Boys Allowed. (WATCH)

Backed up by a bad ass crew of bitches including JoJo, Dirty Money‘s Dawn and Faith Evans, Miss Keri Baby thugs her way through a most scandalous, swagga-riffic covert operation.

A little bit CiCi, some parts Gaga/Beysus “Telephone,” the video for “The Way You Love Me” finds Keri going harder and grittier than ever before, slithering up against a vault’s open door and growling some truly filthy come-ons in the process: “I got that kind of pussy that keep you off the streets,” she brags.

Is it a very sexy upgrade to her No Boys Allowed image as of late? Well, yes. But I had no doubt that Miss Keri Baby was really a dirty bird underneath just waiting to spread her wings and grind.

“This ain’t no pretty girl rock,” Hilson snarks during the video’s extended introduction. You got that right.

No Boys Allowed will be released on December 14. (iTunes)