Lil’ Kim Rains on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday with “Black Friday”

It’s Pink Friday somewhere! Or Black Friday, as Lil’ Kim might counter today.

“I’m turning Pink Friday into Friday the 13th,” Lil’ Kim unleashes on “Black Friday,” a brand new Nicki Minaj diss track (and largely considered a response to Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge (feat. Eminem)” off of Pink Friday). (LISTEN)

Above a beat borrowed from Pharoahe Monch‘s “Simon Says,” Kim spits verse after verse of straightforward snuff against the Harajuku Barbie, attacking her image, her flow–and even her last name. (“We all know your last name’s what got you a job / You’sa put together gimmick, something like a collage.”)

As a fan of both (although I’ve gone off Minaj a bit after hearing Pink Friday in full), it’s hard to watch this (semi-dull) battle continue down this tired path. Then again, who doesn’t love a good ol’ hip-hop feud?

“I will erase this bitch’s social security number,” Lil Kim promised the crowd two weeks ago in Queens.

Sigh. Why can’t we just keep it classy like Queen Khia, ladies?

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