Wynter Wonderland: A Night with Wynter Gordon (The First Dance EP Release Party and Showcase at Splash)

Between the two glasses of complimentary champagne and Wynter Gordon grinding on my lap for a photo,
I slowly began to wonder: “What is my life?”

On Tuesday, I was invited to a private party in the evening–we’re going to call it a soiree–in honor of the release of Wynter Gordon‘s official debut EP, The First Dance. The event, which was held at the Polar Lounge in New York City (gawwgeous, by the way), was thrown for about a handful of bloggers to hang out with Ms. Gordon and jam to the sound of her new release.

I, of course, came to see Miss Wynter. Well, and the free alcohol.

After having walked seven blocks in the wrong direction to get there, I made it to the event only a few minutes late and quickly began socializing with a few industry folks and new-found blog friends (Hey, Urban Pop Life!) Within only a few minutes of my arrival, the door to the room flung open: “I’M HERE!” someone shouted victoriously. ‘Twas Miss Wynter in the flesh, gliding in with a freshly cropped ‘do and a shear red wrap looking fanciful and flawless as always.

Throughout the night, Wynter twirled her way through the different corners of the room, making small talk (dirty talk, if you will) with everyone inside. Obviously I was the most important person in the room, but I knew she was obligated to make the rounds and feign interest nonetheless until she got to me.

When we finally chatted for the first time that night, I immediately started in on her about the upcoming re-release of the “Dirty Talk” video. She told me would be done by Sarah Chapman, the same director as the incredible video for her Freemasons collaboration, “Believer.” But what was wrong with the first one?

“Oh, that was funky. Trashy. It almost worked,” she laughed. When I asked her what we should expect for the new clip, she replied, “Different colored bangs!” I expect nothing less than excellence.

I’m a believer.

Then–and I don’t exactly remember how it happened (Hi, champagne!)–she suddenly ordered me to sit on a cushion. “I want to sit on your lap!” she yelled decidedly. Before I could do much of anything, she was all up in my business, and the photographer swooped in to snap the moment. “This is the closest I’ve ever been to a woman,” I confided in Wynter as she proceeded to give me a brief faux lap-dance. “Yay! I’m your first!” she responded.

In the meantime, I continued to indulge in the complimentary champagne, the conversation between us quickly disintegrated into smack talk about cute boys and drag queens because, let’s be honest here, those are kind of the only topics that actually matter in life.

That being said, she also took the opportunity to warn me about the new album: “If you think you like this,” she said, referring to The First Dance EP playing in the background, just wait until the album. It’s…,” she trailed off, shaking her head and smiling. “You don’t even know.”

When I asked when it was coming, she said sometime next year, but still no exact date set in stone. However, “Dirty Talk” will be officially going for radio adds starting this week, which is an incredibly crucial next move. She’s already hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Club Play Charts–next step, radio charts, please!


At one point during the night, Wynter came marching into the center of the room. “They’re not playing what I want,” she whined, “I want them to play some Britney!” “Trouble,” the insanely underrated Circus bonus track, immediately began to play from the speakers thereafter. Wynter Gordon, you are my hero and a legend.

When it was time to leave, I left with my favorite homosexual publicist and headed out to dinner with several friends, and then across town to Splash for Wynter’s showcase later that night.

Luckily it was Twink Tuesday (or something to that effect), which meant that we had the great misfortune of watching prepubescents sadly grind against each other in exchange for lunch money. In summary: If you ever wanted to know what Justin Bieber looks like mostly naked, go to Splash on a Tuesday. There’s, like, fifteen of him dancing against a pole.

A little after 1 A.M., after an overly gracious, somewhat long-winded introduction by the Splash DJ who deeply adores the singer, Wynter wandered up the steps and onto the all-too-tiny Splash stage wearing a skin-tight, black leotard and hot pink leggings to the screams and camera flashes of dozens of quivering queers.

Almost immediately after taking to the stage, the starlet launched into “Believer.” Despite warning us only a few hours prior that her throat was sore, she sounded amazing. Yet after only about half the song, Gordon suddenly cut the track short. (WATCH)

“No, you know what? I decided that because I had a sore throat I wasn’t gonna do this song,” she announced to the audience, “but we have so much fun doing it, that we’re just gonna do it.”

And so, putting her finger to her lips, she began to tearing into “‘Til Death Do We Party,” a BUMPING new track with a hands-in-the-air ravey chorus, which features a line that stems from her upcoming album’s title: “Til death do we party, with the music I die.” Absolutely LOVED this song. (WATCH, at the 2:30 mark.)

Wynter continued to work it out with a few more cuts, including a personal favorite (“Toyfriend,” produced by David Guetta), “Dirty Talk,” and much to my delight, “Surveillance,” one of the first tracks to surface on the singer’s MySpace back in 2007.

To help her sing the song, she enlisted an overenthusiastic gay from the crowd who swore he knew every single word to join her on the mic. Not only did that child sing for his life, but damn near tried to outshine her! That was cute. (Well, at first anyway). Then, later into the song, someone gave her flowers from the crowd and she squealed with delight. That was even cuter. (WATCH)

All in all, I do believe I had a blast.

Wynter Gordon deserves to be a star–not only because she has a truly amazing set of pipes and a true talent for songcraft, but because she’s perky and energetic enough to set the stage ablaze.

Many, many thanks to Fly-Life Inc. and Atlantic Records for inviting me to the event–and of course, Miss Wynter Gordon for being an absolute sweetheart.

Professional photos come courtesy of Mykwain Gainey, taken at The Polar Lounge on November 9.

The First Dance EP was released on November 9. (iTunes)

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