Click Them Keys: Jodie Aysha’s I’m A Pozer (Zer Zer Zer) (Video Premiere and Interview)

First off, let me tell you something right now: This post was originally drafted on January 29, 2010–nearly one year ago.

Jodie Aysha‘s “I’m A Pozer (Zer Zer Zer)” was originally uploaded to YouTube months and months ago, only to be cruelly and unjustly removed after only one or two days for unknown reasons (though I suspect it had to do with the fact that Aysha is no longer associated with All Around The World Records.)

In that time, I simply knew I had to snag an interview with this woman. And so I did. I now present to you: Jodie Aysha’s legendary “I’m A Pozer (Zer Zer Zer),” plus a brief Q&A. Enjoy!

Universal Music Group recording artist Jodie Aysha had her first taste of success with her debut effort–a feature on T2‘s “Heartbroken,” which managed to climb to an impressive #2 on the UK Singles Chart. (LISTEN)

Now, the singer has returned with the first single under her own name: “I’m A Pozer (Zer Zer Zer),” simultaneously one of the best songs and videos of 2010 and one of the most impressively derivative songs and videos of 2010.

The winning combo lends itself to a fairly by-the-numbers formula for success:

1. Take Jodie Aysha, the love child of Keisha ‘Ex-Sugababes’ Buchanan and Nicki Minaj.
2. Supply Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” choreography, and then add in a handful of COMPLETELY CRAZY GENIUS new moves to provide literal interpretations of the lyrics, including the ‘I’m-literally-typing-on-a-keyboard’ moment at 1:20.
3. Slap together a chorus that capitalizes on the stuttering, single syllable success of “muh-muh-muh” Mademoiselle Gaga.
5. Refer to social media constantly (Bebo…!), as well as the narcissistic tendencies born from abusing such networks.
4. Incorporate fashion that would have the aforementioned pop artistes gagging with glee, including MC Hammer parachute pants and a bright yellow Japanese street racer outfit straight out of the lead Harajuku Barbie’s closet.

Simply put: “Pozer” truly gets me as a person–not only because I too own a neon bedazzled laptop, but because I am indeed a pozer (zer zer zer).

By the way, it should be noted that this is truly one of the greatest videos moment of 2010:


And now, a few questions with the legendary Jodie Aysha herself!

“Heartbroken” became a massive success in the UK last year. It was also your first song. Did you have any idea it would succeed to that degree?

To be honest, when I wrote “Heartbroken” way back in 2004 I had no idea that it would become such a craze! Although before the release I knew how popular it was, but the chart success still blew me away.

Nevertheless, “Heartbroken” is very different from “I’m A Pozer (Zer Zer Zer)” in terms of sound. What sort of song style will you be leaning toward for your debut?

Well, my album at moment is sounding very eclectic, and the overall sound isn’t leaning toward any particular genre. I would say they are all just great super-catchy pop records.

How far along are you with the new album?

The album is in very good working progress, and I have over 300 songs in my back catalogue–more then three to four albums worth of material, however I’m still deliberating which songs are the ones for my debut album. Two of my favourites are ”Green Eyes” and “Spotlight (feat. Wiley).” I’m writing and working with some great producers and artists so I’m very happy with how it’s all going, but I would love some more (US) collaborations.

The styling of the “Pozer” video is absolutely immense. Did you have a say in the creative control of the video?

Thank you. Well yes it’s very much a family affair a similar situation to Beyonce’s and Britney Spears‘, as my sister who manages me wrote the concept for the “Pozer” video, and I had some input. I chose the fabrics and designed all my outfits, my mum who is a fashion designer made most of the garments and Harriet’s Muse. So yes, I had a big say in the creative control of the video which I really enjoyed, as my image just like my music is really important to me.

What inspired the song/video?

The “Pozer” song was very much influenced by the popular culture of the 21st century. I thought to myself what is everyone out there doing? And where are they doing it? Lol. I thought I would write a song including the social networking sites which mostly everyone is on and what they do on them, I found most of which is posing and taking pictures on their phones and uploading them. The “Pozer” song isn’t just about being vain. It’s about being creative and having fun. The video was just directly influenced by the songs catchy lyrics, melody and pop/rock style energetic beat.

The “typing on the keyboard” dance moment in your choreography is already my favorite dance move of 2010. How choreographed this, and how long did it take to learn?

LOL the typing keyboard move once again came from me and was also incorporated from the video concept based on the lyrics of the “Pozer” song, so we decided to make it fun by literally playing out some of the lyrics in dance moves. It didn’t take long at all and I’m glad you like it :-)

Are you truly a “Pozer,” Jodie?

Well I think anyone would be a hypocrite if they said they weren’t a poser. Everyone has a day when they have on their best outfit, feel good about themselves and has a little poze. Have you ever caught yourself looking in the shop window at your reflection? Lol. I’m sure everyone has a little pozer in them somewhere and taking pictures just reinforces that for the world to see them. “I’m A Pozer Zer Zer Zer” YES.

And there you have it.

A million thanks to It’s The Money Shot‘s JJS, one of my most favorite music bloggers/hood boys in the entire world, for urgently e-mailing this one to me one year ago.

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