MuuCast Episode 7: Miles Away

It’s time for a brand new MuuCast!

Fair warning: This isn’t a collection of juicy booty bangers or sizzling electro stompers–instead, it’s the stuff of dreams.

Inspired by my recent longing to travel, plenty of downtime and perhaps a touch of the holiday blues, I now present MuuCast Episode 7: Miles Away, a sampling of songs with one idea in mind: To take you far, far away.

Music’s always been an escape for me, but the following collection inspires an especially strong sense of wanderlust. It’s the music I listen to when I’m looking for inspiration, feeling emotional, or–most often of all–when I’m preparing to drift into slumberville.

The playlist begins with El Perro Del Mar‘s “Change Of Heart,” my definitive come-down anthem for dulling the sound of loud drunks and creepy scumbags while riding the last train home out of Grand Central at 2 A.M., and closes with one of my all time favorites, Duke B‘s “Hey You (feat. Angela McCluskey),” which is one of the most haunting and beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. (It also makes an appearance on MuuCast Episode Three!)

Regardless, it’s yours to keep. I hope you enjoy the escape!

…And the semi-awkward spoken word introduction.

Oh, and apologies for no actual Utada on the tracklisting–I just thought her cover for Single Collection Volume 2 made a perfect match for the MuuCast’s mood!

El Perro Del Mar – Change Of Heart (iTunes)
Röyksopp – Poor Leno (iTunes)
Kaito – Nobody Could Be Alone (iTunes)
Télépopmusik – Into Everything (iTunes)
Donawhale – Echo (iTunes)
Junior Boys – What It’s For (iTunes)
M83 – In The Cold I’m Standing (iTunes)
Moby – Forever (iTunes)
Goldfrapp – Road To Somewhere (iTunes)
Nadia Ali – People (iTunes)
Duke B – Hey You (feat. Angela McCluskey) (iTunes)

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