Stars In Your Eyes: Interview with Her Majesty & The Wolves

In case you haven’t heard, Kimberly Wyatt‘s transformed from a pussycat into a wolf.

Since the official dissolution of The Pussycat Dolls last year, the leggy blonde bombshell has embarked on a variety of exciting new ventures, including a judging role on the UK’s Got To Dance and a smash hit feature on Aggros Santos infectious springtime single, “Candy.”

But perhaps most exciting of all her current endeavors is Her Majesty & The Wolves, a dance-based musical partnership struck up between Wyatt and former member of electro-pop duo Jupiter Rising, Spencer Nezey. After the release of a buzz single (“Glaciers”), the duo premiered their first official single in November: “Stars In Your Eyes,” a thumping space-pop affair.

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to ask Kimberly and Spencer a few questions about their hotly anticipated collaboration, which is set to explode in 2011. If you couldn’t tell from the steadily increasing amount of exclamation marks contained in each of their answers, they’re pretty excited about it. LET’S DO THIS!!!

Can you tell us something more about the Her Majesty & The Wolves album? Is it completed, or are tracks still being written/recorded?

Kim: The album is done!! We just finished it last night actually! It feels like an album that can be played from beginning to end with no stops. Every song has a life of its own with infectious beats, honest lyrics, and interludes that keep the musical experience flowing.

Spencer: The album is completed and sounds amazing!! Just about every genre of dance is covered from top to bottom!

There was a mixtape released prior to “Glaciers,” your buzz single, which featured tons of tracks that were said to inspire your sound. What music is currently inspiring you at the moment? (New or old!)

Kim: Music that inspires me is Postal Service, Sia, Ladyhawke, Deadmau5, Temper Trap, Swedish House Mafia, Imogen Heap, and I’ve been playing a lot of Phoenix lately!

Spencer: The music that currently inspires me: A Tribe Called Quest, Swedish House Mafia, Kanye West, Wu-Tang, and old disco records by various artists!

Why did you select “Stars In Your Eyes” as the first single?

Kim: “Stars In Your Eyes” felt like the perfect introductory song from Her Majesty and the Wolves to the pop world. It’s fun, energetic, and infectious!!

Spencer: “Stars In Your Eyes” was chosen as the first single because it was a no-brainer, good feeling dance record. And Kim and I felt like it was a great song to introduce Her Majesty & The Wolves to the world.

How was the experience of shooting the song’s video? Loved seeing Ashley Roberts featured in there–girl power!

Kim: Justin Harder and his team shot everything with green screen and edited the footage using Mya and After Effects which is time consuming and tedious!! It was a process that took a lot of trust!! I had a lot of fun every step of the way even though it was hard to imagine what it was to become when shooting in front of a green screen the whole time!! Having Ashley there just seemed right. She is a friend I love and trust, and as I start the next chapter of my life I wanted her to be a part of the journey with me!!

Spencer: Video shoot was great. A lot of time, sweat, tears, and talent went into making the video. It was good times with good friends.

Are there plans for the single to be released worldwide, or just in the UK for now?

Kim: Our plan right now is to release in the UK and release around the world when the timing makes the most sense!! I have fans all over the world, I think about them when I write music, and I hope that it reaches them too!!

Spencer: As of right now the plan is to push “Stars In Your Eyes” in the UK and continue throughout Europe until we reach worldwide domination!

Have you begun thinking about a second single? Any hints?

Kim: There are so many great songs to choose from it’s hard to pick a second single!! But what a great problem to have!!

Spencer: As of right now, it’s a tough call to determine what the second single is because there are so many great records on this album! But whichever song it is, it’s going to be dope.

Are you going to perform with Her Majesty & The Wolves on Got To Dance this year?

Kim: If I have it my way I will be!!!

Spencer: Very strong possibility!!!

Are you planning a tour?

Kim: We are planning on touring!!! I want to perform at the festivals, outdoors, and under the moon!! That’s my hope anyway!!

Spencer: Touring is definitely in our near future plans. Considering we made this album to play festivals all around the world!!!!

Which artists would you love to collaborate with? Are there any upcoming collaborations in the works for the album?

Kim: We are having fun with collaborations in remixes!! Sidney Sampson, Fulton Yard, and Roksonix to name a few!

Spencer: I would personally love to collaborate with Swedish House Mafia and The Neptunes! We decided not to have any collaborations on this album so that people could directly identify with us and our sound.

Kimberly, are you still working on solo album? If not, what will happen to songs like “Kiss and Tell” and “Getaway”?

Kim: I feel that both songs were a big part of me finding my voice and sound, but unfortunately they won’t be on the album.

What’s different about your experience recording as Her Majesty & The Wolves compared to The Pussycat Dolls experience?

Kim: The difference is that I get to write and record as well as choreograph, design, and create stories told through pictures.

How does the reception differ between the UK and US audience? Kimberly, do you feel more warmly accepted in England because of Got To Dance?

Kim: I have always felt a lot of support and love from the UK and in return am inspired by their music culture, fashion, and dance. Got to Dance has given me the opportunity to have a voice and give back to the community that has molded me into the person I am today.

Finally, what can we expect to hear and see from Her Majesty & The Wolves in 2011?

Kim: Audio and Visual stories inspired by our lives through infectious beats, beautiful melodies and a fresh perspective.


Thank you VERY much, Her Majesty & The Wolves. I’m anxiously awaiting the new tunes, and wish you loads of luck in all your future endeavors!

And now for your listening and downloading pleasure: The Sidney Samson remix of “Stars In Your Eyes.” Please enjoy!

For more on Her Majesty & The Wolves, check out their official website.

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