Stardust Melodies: Introduucing…Elouise!

Elouise isn’t your typical pop star.

There are no synthesizers in her productions–no stomping bass lines, no electronic beats, and certainly no Auto-Tune.

Instead, the focus is all on the voice: Elouise is a throwback act, armed with a set of pipes comparable to the belters of yesteryear, including Judy Garland, Dusty Springfield, and Shirley Bassey.

Taken under Steve Anderson‘s wing (the songwriter, producer and musical director for Kylie Minogue, who also mentioned his work with Elouise months back in his interview with MuuMuse), the English singer has crafted two EPs this year: Stardust, a collection of originals, and the newly released Stardust Melodies, a collection of covers.

“Another Day” is one of the tracks from the first EP, Stardust, which was co-written along with Terry Ronald, the songwriter responsible for penning and producing the bulk of Dannii Minogue‘s flawless 2003 record, Neon Nights.

Very high drama, very emotional…think Streisand, James Bond theme style.

And from the newly released collection, Stardust Melodies, a personal favorite of the bunch: “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” which was originally written for the 1945 musical, Carousel. It’s a really gorgeous, sorrowfully sweet number that reminds me a little bit of Charlie Chaplin‘s “Smile.” And of course, the vocals are nothing short of angelic.

While I’m certainly never one to shy away from a pulsating dance beat, Elouise offers a sweetly sung breath of fresh air in a world that’s become increasingly cluttered with overly processed vocals and noisy production. (And really, who couldn’t use a good ol’ torch song from time to time?) She’s a class act old soul born in the wrong decade.

Well–either that, she’s about to inspire a whole new generation of vocalists.

Elouise is in the midst of recording her upcoming debut album, due out in 2011. To find out more about Elouise, check out her official website.

Stardust Melodies was released on November 15. (iTunes)

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