Take Me Out: Introduucing…Garçon Garçon!

Sounds like: The Presets, Cut Copy, Empire of the Sun
Genre: Synth-pop, dance-pop, electronica

After my post about Jodie Aysha, I was reminded of another act that my buddy JJS of It’s The Money Shot! breathlessly told me about months ago. I’ve waited for far too long to do this Introduucing piece, but the time has finally come!

Garçon Garçon (adorable name!) are Nathan Mahon and Nick Tsirimokos, a synth-pop male duo (gorgeous men!) hailing from Sydney, the land where all good synth-pop acts are born (please see Cut Copy, Sneaky Sound System, Empire Of The Sun, et al.)

While there’s not too much information about these sexy specimens quite yet aside from this extremely likable video introduction, Garçon Garçon have released two demos available for download on their Facebook page thus far: “Take Me Out” and “Maybe Tonight.”

Both songs are smartly crafted electro-pop concoctions, teeming with ’80’s-inspired synthesizers and romantic, forlorn vocals. Very New Wave, very accessible, and very, very catchy.

I’m especially obsessed with “Maybe Tonight”: “Maybe he’ll be out there tonight, maybe he’ll be somewhere tonight / But if I had a love, he’d never go away from me,” Nathan sings sweetly above a cool stream of dreamy synthesizers and 8-bit electronica. Oh, how my heart melts!

I suggest you snatch both of these up immediately.

DL: Garçon Garçon – Take Me Out

DL: Garçon Garçon – Maybe Tonight

While we wait to hear more, Manhunt Daily posted an in-depth interview with Garçon Garçon recently, outlining their musical interests and influences (Nick listens to LCD Soundsystem and M.I.A.! Nathan listens to The Knife and Sigur Ros!), their thoughts on being out in the music industry, and what we can expect to hear from their upcoming EP.

It’s a must read!

Garçon Garçon’s debut EP, entitled EP, will be released Summer 2011.

Last Dance, Last Chance: A Very Thorough X Factor Final Performance Night Review (December 11)

Last Dance, Last Chance: A Very Thorough X Factor Final Performance Night Review (December 11)

THIS IS IT, as one of the X Factor judges famously sang 17 years ago (oh my God,

And The Winner of X Factor 2010 Is…

And The Winner of X Factor 2010 Is…


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