Break out the poppers–we’re going down under!

As we all well know, Aussieland is prime pickin’s for disco divas: The Minogues, Holly Valance, Olegendia Newton-Jesus…the list goes on and on.

This week’s club bumper is Zoe Badwi‘s “Freefallin’,” which was first released in Australia back in July of last year.

Penned by English singer/songwriter Amy Pearson and produced by Aussie club duo Denzal Park, the song has spent over 18 weeks on the ARIA Singles Chart (where it continues to chart!), peaking at #9 in the last week of October.

Structurally, “Freefallin'” isn’t all that different from any other synth-tastic, surging chorus floor-filler: Like September‘s “Cry For You”? How ’bout Kelly Rowland‘s “When Love Takes Over”? Then jump on board–you’ll probably appreciate this little gem.

It also comes with a pretty killer video, in which Ms. Badwi finds herself raving har-har-hard after accidentally falling asleep on a train. Funny…whenever I fall asleep on the train, I find myself pantless with a burning sensation in my no-no region.

Now, the song is getting a brand new remix treatment as it begins to be serviced stateside. Check out the Moto Blanco Club Mix above now, which gives the song a slightly more glitzy feel thanks to some peppy piano chords and some big, sparkling synthesizers!


“Freefallin'”was released on November 30. (iTunes)