DON’T hold this against me, but I just received a blind item in my inbox telling me that the video for Britney‘s “Hold It Against Me” will be directed by none other than Jonas Ã…kerlund, the director behind such legendary videos as Madonna‘s “Ray of Light” and “Music,” Christina Aguilera‘s “Beautiful,” and Lady Gaga‘s “Paparazzi” and “Telephone (feat. Beyoncé).”

Again, this is NOT a MuuMuse Excluusive, as I’ve got zero confirmation on the matter–this was only an anonymous tip in my inbox. When I inquired further, the response back was “100% true. Wait for it to be confirmed or take a risk and believe me now.”

I wavered about posting this because I don’t want to rack up a reputation for posting rumors (especially as all my of Excluusives have turned out to be true, brag brag), but…well, this didn’t sound so far-fetched, so I thought I’d put this out there.

If it’s true, this is AMAZING news. If not…please don’t hold it against me.

Sleep tight. Sweet dreams. Praise Godney.