Daily B: The “Hold It Against Me” Global Facebook Campaign

Earlier this afternoon, I received an email from Jive Records asking if I’d like to be “a part of the new Britney single.”

Upon reaching my quivering, tear-drenched hands over to the nearest pair of Lady B rosary beads and reciting a few Hail Godneys, I proceeded to actually read the rest of the message.

The rumors you’ve read today are true: Team Brit Brit is about to unleash a global Facebook campaign to promote her upcoming single, “Hold It Against Me.”

When the promotion launches in just a few days (still no confirmation on the actual date, though the general consensus from other outlets appears to be January 10), fans will be asked to share a special message via their status on Facebook.

After the message is shared by 2 MILLION fans, the single will be unlocked and immediately made available. (And since we’re all well aware of The Power of Britney®, that mean’s we’ll be hearing it, like, an hour after the campaign begins.)

To add to the impossible excitement (well–for me, anyway), MuuMuse has been asked to help spread the word about the campaign.

WATCH THIS SPACE in the next couple of days for a special customized MuuMuse widget to help spread the message and get your hands all over Britney’s new single.


According to additional sources, a press release regarding the single, the album, and the upcoming Facebook campaign (apparently titled the “Fan In Command” initiative–is that a hint toward the theme of the album? Don’t ask, don’t tell? I DON’T KNOW!) will be released later on this week.

It’s finally coming, ladies and ladyboys. The only question left is…

Are you ready to “Hold It Against Me”?

Natalia Kills Performs Acoustic Version of “Mirrors” Live At The Cherrytree House

Natalia Kills Performs Acoustic Version of “Mirrors” Live At The Cherrytree House

Oh my God

January 5, 2011: It’s My 22nd Birthday!

January 5, 2011: It’s My 22nd Birthday!

Today is my 22nd birthday!

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