‘My My My!’: Troye Sivan Is Carrying the Torch for the Modern Gay Pop Star

Troye’s back, and only when he’s dancing can he feel this free.

Troye Sivan already proved himself to be more than just another teen idol YouTuber-turned-musician when he released his moody, surprisingly rich debut album, Blue Neighborhood, back in 2015.

The promise for him to become the first fully realized Out And Proud Mainstream Gay Pop Star was real then. And now, he’s delivering.

“My My My!” is the now 22-year-old’s infinitely more assured reintroduction, and the lead single from his forthcoming sophomore record, which is due out sometime in Spring.

He calls the track, produced by Oscar Görres (of Britney‘s “Hard To Forget Ya” fame, among others) and co-written with longtime collaborator Leland, “a song of liberation, freedom, and love.”

“Throw all inhibition to the wind, be present in your body, love wholeheartedly, move the way you’ve always wanted to, and dance the way you feel – hopefully even to this song,” Troye says.

You know you want it. He knows you want it. The passion is crazy. So just give in and catch feelings already.

Like some of his past work (“my youth!“), the earworm of a chorus is an instant chant-along, perfectly suited for his live shows: “Oh my, my, my! I die every night with you.

Spark up, buzz cut / I got my tongue between your teeth,” he purrs in between the pulsations. (Also, that’s like two Lorde lyrical references in one. Coincidence?)

Beyond passing the bop test, the song – along with the accompanying ’90s-leaning visual directed by Sky Ferreira and Lorde collaborator Grant Singer – finds Troye looking and sounding more secure than ever in his sexuality.

From his awkward, emo first love fumbling in Blue Neighbourhood to this breathy bout of lusty, hip-thrusting, hair-whipping freedom three years later, the shift in self-confidence is evident.

It’s in his moves. Sure, he’s not exactly serving Janet Jackson-level choreography, but there’s something joyous about watching this cute, self-empowered twink fiercely flail around and flirt with the camera, sexy shirtless guys in tow.

In a time of Trump, and a curious stream of “return-to-roots” records from pop stars who almost seem to be catering to safe Middle America sensibilities, this unapologetic queer youth offering is a refreshing refusal to tone it down.

Here’s hoping he only shoves it in our faces even harder.

“My My My!” was released on January 10. (iTunes)

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Photo by Hedi Slimane.

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