Koda Kumi: POP DIVA (Single Review)

Last night, I asked (on Twitter) what people would like to see featured on MuuMuse.

One of the things I heard more often (aside from “more cock shots”–very helpful) was “MOAH J-POP MUUSIX, PLEHZ!”, so now, I shall deliver such things from one of my favorite J-Pop vixens!

On February 2, Koda Kumi will be releasing her 49th single (I know, insane…Asian pop stars put our silly Western girls to shame on the regular), entitled “POP DIVA.”

Aided by the same chord progression as Britney‘s “Gimme More” and a stinging bass beat a la Far East Movement‘s “Like A G6,” “POP DIVA” is Kumi’s hottest, noisiest dance affair since 2007’s “BUT.” (If you haven’t, watch/listen to this now. STILL AMAZING.) I’m also detecting a touch of Ke$ha influence–and by that, I mean I could definitely hear this one playing while I upchuck some glitter in the back of a dingy gay bar.

“I’m the pop diva. Most beautiful, powerful, and talented girl on the planet. Are you ready for me? Let’s go!” Kumi-chan purrs off the top of the track. And if you don’t believe those words, just check out the cover art above. See? It’s in print! Therefore, it is FACT.

Today, Avex uploaded a preview of the song’s music video, which–like the song–seems simultaneously shit and amazing. I’m not sure what’s going on, except that there’s some seriously hot librarian-turned-spy action happening.

In conclusion: “POP DIVA” is noisy, overly Auto-Tuned and seriously disjointed, but also kind of brilliant in places. That’s just the way good pop works, you know?

POP, POP, POP DIVA! Get it, Kuu.

“Pop Diva” will be released on February 2. (YesAsia)

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