Noisy Rhythms

Thanks to PopJustice for keeping an eye out on things, here we have The Noisettes ‘selling out.’

Hang on to your hats and glasses everyone, ’cause this here’s gonna be a uprising of Ting Tings proportions. Yeehaw!

Band member Jamie laid down the skinny on “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” on the band’s MySpace blog:

Its the first single off the new album,the video has been made and all the new press shots are done,it all looks amazing so its going to be very very soon,i could proberly say end of january but things do have a habit of changing so when we know more so will you

and yes it is featured in the new Mazda car commercial :)

Capitalist sluts.

Well, We’ve Got The Williams’ Blood…

Well, We’ve Got The Williams’ Blood…

All this waiting and we get…A live compilation video?

Daily B: Oh, Fuck Me.

Daily B: Oh, Fuck Me.


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