MuuMuse Excluusive: Listen to Adam Tyler’s Second Single, “I Won’t Let You Go”

It’s time to Introduuce one of those names that’s been floating around some of my favorite pop blogs over the past few months (years, even!) While I’d heard bits and pieces along the way, I never really took the time to truly check in…until now, of course.

Adam Tyler is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter from a land called Los Angeles (no, I’ve never heard of it either). As an independent artist, Tyler is very much a part of the recent upsurge in DIY pop stars in the making (Simon Curtis comes to mind) who’ve managed to grab hold of a microphone and a few good synthesizers with the intent on paving their own way.

Back in September of 2010, Tyler released his first official single, “Friction”–a synth-tastic, electro-pop ear-worm. Now, he’s back with his next single: “I Won’t Let You Go.” And I have to say: It’s his best work yet.

Starting off with a simple piano melody, the singer sadly croons: “Every song I heard today / In my head, I could swear I was hearing your voice.” But by the one minute mark, the song begins to break: “Oh, oh / I won’t let you go, no!” Tyler announces as synthesizers slowly begin to build around his layered vocals. With each return to the chorus the song dives deeper and deeper into swells of electronica, resulting in a pulsating synth-pop treat by the end.

“I Won’t Let You Go” was crafted by L.A.-based producer Sky Felix and co-penned by Bri Gonzales,
“The song didn’t really take that long to write either,” Tyler explained to me of the new single. “Sky started playing the piano loop, and I instantly came up with the melody for the song…and within 10 minutes, the song was already halfway done!”

As a MuuMuse Excluusive, you can now hear “I Won’t Let You Go” streaming in full below.

Adam Tyler will be performing his first live show tonight at my good friend Raj of EQ’s EQ Live in London tonight, with plans to shoot the music video for “I Won’t Let You Go” next week.

He will also be releasing 3 EPs over the next six months while continuing to perform across Europe and the US. Work that hustle, boy!

“I Won’t Let You Go” was released today, January 23. (iTunes)

Introduucing…Caroline Lufkin!

Introduucing…Caroline Lufkin!

Genre: Dream-pop, shoegaze, indie electronica For Fans Of: Sally Shapiro, Late

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