Daily B: Will.I.Am Posts Snippet of Upcoming ‘Femme Fatale’ Track, “The Big Fat Bass”

Will.I.Am, professional bar mitzvah banger maker, has just tweeted a snippet of his upcoming track with Britney for her forthcoming studio album, Femme Fatale.

And while the song title makes me want to SET MYSELF ON FIRE, here’s how it sounds:

• The song consists of some major ’90’s house power piano chords, as well as a pulsing, inoffensive electronic beat–and that’s before we even hear the big fat bass in question.
• “I can be the treble baby, you can be the bass,” Britney announces on repeat, including a nice little harmonization during the third repetition.
• She pronounces “treble” in a way that sounds like “Trouble,” which also happens to be one of Britney’s greatest songs ever.
• Will.I.Am’s robot voice announces “The Femme Fatale” at the very end of the clip…that’s kind of fun. Also kind of annoying. Not sure on this one, actually.

• Will.I.Am exists on this track.

In summation: This has plenty of room to go either way–it could be massive or just massively embarrassing. It’s hard to properly judge, aswe haven’t even heard the bass yet.

Still, if snippets are anything to go by…this is by far the least impressive yet.

COME ON, give me something to remember

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