Fact: There are few more fanciful or majestic things in this world than the dulcet sound of Miss Kylie Minogue crooning her classics alongside a massive live orchestra.

Now, after years of teasing the idea to fans, Kylie is releasing The Abbey Road Sessions on November 6, a collection of some of Kylie’s greatest hits re-recorded as orchestral arrangements at the legendary London recording studio.

The collection includes dramatic, jazzy reworkings of 16 classic KM tracks, including “All The Lovers,” “Confide In Me,” “Slow” and “Love At First Sight,” as well as “Flower,” the gorgeous, previously unreleased X-era ballad that Kylie recently released as a single.

It’s an essential addition to any lover’s collection, and the perfect soundtrack to a wintry day spent cuddling up next to the fireplace on a bearskin rug, cupping a mug of hot chocolate and softly sighing to the boyfriend pillow slumped next to you: “I believe in you.” I mean, I wouldn’t know personally. I’m just guessing.

And so, to celebrate the album’s release next week…

MuuMuse is giving away 3 copies of The Abbey Road Sessions.

To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post with the following word: “FLOWER”

Three winners will be randomly selected and notified on Wednesday, November 7. US entrants only. (Sorry!)

Good luck, and may the flower be with you.

The Abbey Road Sessions will be released on November 6. (iTunes)