Daily B: William Orbit Out, Will.I.Am In for Femme Fatale

In a somewhat booze-inspired rant on Twitter tonight, William Orbit revealed that his contribution to Britney‘s Femme Fatale will not make the final tracklisting of the album.

Here are his words in full, minus a few extraneous tweets and/or replies:

the Britney thing. Look, I went to a writing camp at Teresa’s. Had lovely time. Word got out. Assumptions were made. Dr Luke is exec prod and he locks in locks out whoever he likes. And (do i hear u ask) where B’s at in all this? I surely don’t know. did a song w Klas Ahlund, who wrote ‘Piece of Me’. And is killa. But not on FF apparently. But a good song is a good song regardless. gotta say, to me, a tru singa just wants 2 sing all the time. But some are only up for it till their mojo cranks out. some things are of the moment. And a few months beyond. And some r forever. U know that in your heart. see blank looks, then years later, the kudos. All means nuthin. We’ll see what we we’ll see. So if u’all could ease up on the Brit Q,s Don’t ask me, I’m not the glitz guy. Enjoy the FF!

seriously, Bloodshy and Avant r on there? They MUST be. ifAnyone they MUST be on there!!! Who’s got the scoop on this? really, this is going to be a fab album. Whichever way, it’s going to be anotha part of the Britney legend. I shulda said nothin. don’t worry, is going to be fine. U’ll be jumpin up n down and singing. Britney is the best. And her prods. It is what it is, lol. omg, what a fireworks. please b frosty. Is all good and i never had so much fun in my life in this brave nu world. Am happy top b the rookie. u’all gotta chill cos is only pop music. Im lovin this nu experience and is me who has to show what i got. Don’t y’all be mad pleez. thanks to you all and i TRULY respect your passion. Some vino veritas on my part i confess. And now, onwards + upwards. x x x

Hours earlier, Britney tweeted that she was in the studio with Black Eyed Peas‘ member/producer Will.I.Am. Will.I.Am then took to Twitter, saying:

The song I did with britney is ganna be crazy fresh. from the super bowl to the studio workin on a mega smasher. can’t wait till its done

Listen to “Frozen,” then listen to “Check It Out (feat. Nicki Minaj).”

I’m in mourning.

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