And you thought Sophie Ellis-Bextor was bad: After almost seven years, three singles and two EPs, Dangerous Muse still have yet to release their debut album, Take Control.

Despite the fact that they’ve got a full album boasting production by the likes of Swedish pop masters Bloodshy & Avant, Esthero and Josh Harris waiting in the wings, the men of Dangerous Muse have opted to go the slow and steady route, unveiling their music at a rate of approximately one single every two years.

Now, we’ve (finally) got another taste of what lies ahead.

To celebrate their latest single (“I Want It All”) hitting #1 on LOGO TV’s The Click List this week, the sexy electro-pop NYC duo have just released a free download of an upcoming album track: “Fame Kills.”

Produced by the group themselves (along with David Siskovic), “Fame Kills” is a nearly 7-minute electro-pop epic filled with chugging, Depeche Mode-friendly beats and frantic, glittering ’80’s synthesized sounds. “Fame will tear us apart / I press my lips against my arm,” singer Mike Furey croons through the song’s heavy vocoder.

The occasional silly lyric aside (“Like fish in disguise”?), “Fame Kills” is a storming, brooding little number that ties in well with the luscious noir pop that made us love the group in the first place, including “Give Me Danger” and “The Rejection.”

I dare say it makes me excited to hear the rest of the record–but this rate, it looks like we won’t be hearing it until, well…August 2019. Fingers crossed!

Take Control will (allegedly) be released in 2011. (iTunes)