You know what’s really something? This dark, throbbing House bootleg of Legendtina‘s signature classic “Genie In A Bottle,” as crafted by up-and-coming Polish duo, Viadrina.

Bumping up against a deep House pulsation and spaced-out synthesizers, all those moans and not-so-innocent purrs of “Come, come, come on in…” have never sounded quite this filthy. In fact, it’s so good and sexy, it’ll make you want to spritz Christina Aguilera By Night all over your body and seductively saunter into the bedroom wearing nothing but a promotional Mi Reflejo bandana wrapped around your woohoo. Desnudate, indeed!

My body’s saying “let’s go,” but my heart is saying…

For more on Viadrina, check out their official Facebook. Thanks to my friend Faisal J. for the find!