Helena Paparizou, the Greek-Swedish chanteuse who first rocketed to fame after winning Eurovision in 2005, is about to release a new single that’s definitely worth some attention: “Baby It’s Over.”

The Auto-Tune happy, synth-pop heavy smash starts off like any other radio-friendly pop song of the moment, utilizing a synth pattern and chord progression blatantly lifted from Usher‘s Max Martin-produced “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love.”

The greatness truly begins at the :50 mark, when the track takes on an infectious, almost playful electronica beat that merrily tinkers along until the chorus, where the song suddenly nosedives deep into rave-ready territory: “I can’t take it, please don’t make me wait / It’s over / Baby, it’s over!” Paparizou cries out, instantly transforming into a proper disco diva.

Paparizou now seems to be in full swing to promote the track, having performed the track on both Greek X Factor and the fashion show, Mad Walk (along with an incredible cover of En Vogue‘s “Free Your Mind”!)

“Baby It’s Over” is the lead single from Paparizou’s upcoming greatest hits collection, Greatest Hits & More, which is due to be released in late March. (iTunes)

Thanks to Muuser Calen C. for the find!