Snoop Dogg‘s storming the charts again, and this time…he’s doing it on the dance floor.

“Sweat” (perhaps better known in its uncensored form as “Wet”) is the lead single from the hip hop icon’s upcoming album Doggumentary, co-penned along with “Like a G6” production duo The Cataracs.

While the chilly original version of the track has been floating around for a few months now, Snoop Dizzle’s just unleashed a brand new David Guetta re-swizzle of the lusciously raunchy tune for release in the UK (which just debuted at #16 on the UK Singles Chart) that’s positively major.

Guetta’s re-rub (which starts off an awful like Benny Benassi‘s sublime mix of Madonna‘s “Celebration” from back in 2009) provides enough fist-pumping filthy beats and almighty arena synthesizers to convert Snoop’s track from a drippy bedroom grinder to a full on, sweat-filled stadium stomper.

In fact, it was this very remix that absolutely blew my mind when I first heard it played last weekend while dancing on stage ata drag club with my entire family during a surprise 18th birthday party for my sister! (Look for that story and more in my forthcoming memoir, No, I’m Not Even Kidding You Right Now: Confessions of a Gay Jew Blogger).

To make this song even more impossibly amazing, Snoop told Rolling Stone back in December that the track was penned specifically for Prince William’s bachelor party.

Only the finest for royalty.

“Sweat” is the lead single from Snoop’s forthcoming album Doggumentary, which will be released on April 18. (iTunes UK)