Miley Cyrus has made a lifetime commitment to remaining thoroughly, unrelentingly, #unapologetically Miley. (Lesley would surely still agree.)

Accordingly, her Instagram account (where she spends the bulk of her time when she’s not touring) is like a rainbow-hued cartoonish acid trip deep into the untamable mind of the Bangerz diva: Handmade arts and crafts projects, nipples and crotch shots, fake redneck teeth, FaceTime screenshots, pepperoni pizza porn, emojis, The Flaming Lips, elves, fake butts, MAC Viva Glam campaigns, Elvis Presley and, of course, fan edits. Thousands of them. (Madonna‘s clearly been paying attention.)

And while her boob-baring photos are no doubt glorious porn SEO/clickbait heaven, the real treat she’s been supplying us as of late has been her reposting of fan edits made with other female pop stars — pretty hilarious ones, no less.

You know, like the one she posted in bed with Madge and Britney. (“I woke up like dis.”) Or the Spice Girls moment with Madge, Brit Brit, Katy and Rihanna. Or the flower child acid trip with her Bangerz Tour bestie Sky Ferreira. Or the one riding a hot dog with Dolly Parton.

In a world where shady diva battles reign supreme (that world being The Internet, as opposed to the real world), it’s refreshing to see Miley geek out on social media for her favorite pop princesses. It’s also pretty amusing to watch it all go down as though she were an outsider, even though we all know Miley is very much part of this circle. And yet, she’s a stan all the same. Stars…they’re just like us!

No collaborations to promote (although they would be welcomed!) — just some good ol’ fashioned girl power.

She can’t stop. She won’t stop. Please don’t stop, Miss Miley.