If the Season 1 winner of US X Factor finally releases her debut single after almost a year and no one really knows about it, does it still make a sound?

Earlier today, Melanie Amaro premiered her long awaited debut over at US Weekly (?!?!)–the not-at-all ironically titled “Don’t Fail Me Now,” to more or less no fanfare–aside from a tweet or two from L.A. Reid and the official US X Factor account.

To her credit however, the song’s pretty solid: The Darkchild-produced uptempo, which was penned by “Now I’m That Bitch” chanteuse Livvi Franc, plays like a cross between Leona Lewis‘ dance floor smash “Collide,” Alexis Jordan‘s “Happiness” and a touch of Rihanna‘s “We Found Love.”

“I’ve walked the longest road, so don’t fail me now,” the songstress cries out above the piano-led introduction. It’s a little ‘of the moment’ with the crashing post-chorus EDM beats and all, but the stretched-out structure is intriguing (a la Leona’s “Collide”), and the electric guitar licks are a nice touch.

Plus, that diva-sized yelping toward the end is a total win. (That is why she won, after all!)

“Don’t Fail Me Now” is a near guaranteed club smash-to-be (it’s almost destined to become an instant Dance/Club #1 in the following weeks). With some visibility outside the dance floor, she might even get some traction on top of the Top 40. That is, if anyone’s there to actually help her promote the song.

X Factor: Don’t fail her now!

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“Don’t Fail Me Now” was released on August 1.