It’s here! It’s here! It’s the video premiere for Britney‘s second single from Femme Fatale, “Till The World Ends”!

So, you remember when Godney uttered that legendary line while shooting “Till The World Ends” in I Am The Femme Fatale? “It felt like there was poop everywhere when there really wasn’t.”

Well now we know why: She was too busy SHITTING ON YA FAVES.

Unlike the metaphor-filled, analysis ready clip for “Hold It Against Me,” the Ray Kay-directed video for “Till The World Ends” is wholeheartedly literal; a dirty, raucous romp through the city sewers as the clock ticks down to December 21, 2012. (No doubt where I’ll want to be when the actual date rolls around.)

Exhibit A: A group of sexy men are noticing what Britney is wearing.

Exhibit B: Britney notices that you are, in fact, staring.

Exhibit C: She sees the sunlight! And YET…SHE AIN’T STOPPIN’. (She smilin’, though!)

“Till The World Ends” is a healthy nod (if not a proper sequel!) to Britney’s most iconic video–“I’m A Slave 4 U,” including glistening orgies, sex-soaked hair and a bright wall of burning lights. Even the world crumbling outside bears a striking resemblance to the fantasy city from Britney’s 2001 clip.

Britney looks gorgeous here–absolutely beyond. In fact, I’d venture to say that she hasn’t looked this jaw-droppingly stunning since 2005’s “My Prerogative”…or perhaps even before that.

The video is exciting, energetic and sexy. It fits the song flawlessly, and there’s literally nothing wrong with it. This is, quite simply, the perfect music video.

In conclusion: So what if the world’s about to end in 2012?

Even as the buildings crumble to pieces, modern civilization is forever etched away and all that we have ever known or will know is reduced to nothing but rubble, dust mites and Cher, it’s not as though we’ll actually care: We’ll be too busy dancing ’til the very end.


“Till The World Ends” was released on March 4. (iTunes)