Breaking: Carly Rae Jepsen, born Godly Raimmaculate Jepselegend, is really, really almost ready to return.

As we’ve known for a few months now, the “Tiny Little Bows” chanteuse is preparing for a massive return to form with her oft-teased comeback single “I Really Like You,” which is “on the level” of “Call Me Maybe” according to manager Scooter Braun and due out sometime in March.

UPDATE: New info! According to producer Savan Kotecha, the song’s been crafted with Jacob Kasher and The CardigansPeter Svensson. THE CARDIGANS.

And the wait is nearly over: She’s just been shooting the music video down on Crosby Street over the weekend. With Tom Hanks! And Justin Bieber! Yes, really!

You can already hear just the tiniest bit of the chorus in this behind-the-scenes preview (which features Tom Hanks dancing up a storm alongside Miss Jepsen, which is…sure, why not?), and it already sounds really, really promising.

Be patient and continue to tie your guitar strings into wedding rings to pass the time. It’s nearly time for…