Remixed and Revisited: Six Madonna Remixes I Just Really Like

Earlier today, I added an impossible question to this month’s MuuPoll: “What’s your favorite Madonna record?”

I know, I know. Sophie’s Choice. Nonetheless, the question sparked an excellent Twitter debate, comparing and contrasting all of Madge’s iconic records, which quickly led into an all-day Madonnathon on my iPod. (To be fair, this happens roughly every week.)

Taking my love a step further, I wanted to post a random smattering of six Madonna remixes that I absolutely adore (or cherish, if you will). I don’t think there’s any real surprises for hardcore Madge buffs included, but I hope something strikes a fancy for the less familiar fans. Enjoy!

“Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Remix)”

I first discovered this after a download binge back in April of ’08 from PopMuse. After surfacing on shuffle mode during a jog with my iPod, the remix been a fixture on my gym playlist ever since. With its pounding beat and distant moans, the Paul Oakenfold mix of “Give It 2 Me” turns Madge’s already great Hard Candy throbber into a full-on club affair. (iTunes)

“Bedtime Story (Orbital Remix)”

The Orbital remix of Madge’s Björk-penned 1995 single was revitalized in 2004 when it was used as a video backdrop during her Re-Invention Tour. Brooding, minimal and vaguely reminiscent of the William Orbit mysticism that would color 1998’s Ray of Light, the Orbital mix breathes new life into an already incredible track. The slow stutter of “Let’s get unconscious” in the first minute is worth the price of admission alone! (iTunes)

“What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond 12″ Club Remix)”

The Above & Beyond remix of “What It Feels Like For A Girl” strips the song of its softly-sung angst in favor of a distinctly ‘new millennium’-era trance makeover. The video mix is vocal-less (aside from the sorrowful croon of “For a girl in this world…”), which makes for the perfect soundtrack to Madge’s four minute hell-on-wheels destruction spree. Watch out–granny on board!

“Erotica (Confessions Tour Version)”

Oh, this remix: Crafted by Stuart Price for 2006’s Confessions Tour, this mix adds in elements of the song’s original, never-before-heard demo (“You Thrill Me”) to a dark, moody beat, resulting in a truly lush, romantic re-imagining of the 1992 original. It’s perfect, just as with every single second of Confessions. (iTunes)

“Burning Up (12″ Mix)”

While it isn’t really that much of a reinvention, the slightly more electro-pop oriented 12″ mix, one of Madonna’s first actual remixes, strips away some of the rockier elements of the original and adds in some dainty ’80’s-tastic synthesizers. What can I say? For dancing ’round the room while getting ready, Madonna-era Madonna simply remains unmatched.

“Celebration (Benny Benassi Remix)”

I remember “Celebration” getting some flack for attempting to be too ‘of the moment’ by some Madonnaholics at the time, but the song is really nowhere near as guilty of such desperation as, say, the bulk of Hard Candy. Though she was still a bit late jumping the nu-electro-pop train back in ’09, “Celebration” was a guiltless, joyful–well, celebration! The Benassi re-swizzle of the Oakenfold original gives the track a sexy grind and arena-sized synthesizers that feel make the song feel gigantic; ultimately much more befitting for the Queen. (iTunes)

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