You Won’t Forget About D: Piers Morgan’s Life Stories with Dannii Minogue.

This weekend, Dannii Minogue sat down with Piers Morgan for his interview series, Life Stories. The two discussed (among other topics) her past on Young Talent Time, sisterly rivalry, posing for Playboy, Kylie‘s bout with cancer, and future plans–a first for Miss Minogue.

I watched this one last night, and I have to say: I was blown away. This is hands-down the most intimate interview we’ve ever been granted. Though it would be cliche to say that I laughed and cried right along with her, let’s be honest here…I really did.

Dannii is, much like her sister, the definition of class. She’s well-spoken and genuine; even when she loses her composure, she never loses her cool. Imagine–a pop star that can carry herself on national television without a PR representative on hand!

For fans and non-fans alike, this one is required viewing. My only wish is that this propels Dannii into the same beloved status as her sister in England.

(Please note: It’s a series of clips, so just go in order from the first one above.)

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