Back in March, I introduuced Emeli Sandé, the talented Scotland-born singer-songwriter and recent Virgin Records signee responsible for major UK hits including Chipmunk‘s “Diamond Rings” and Tinie Tempah‘s “Let Go.”

On August 15, Sandé will release her sensational debut single: “Heaven.”

Colored by a tripping drum ‘n’ bass beat, saxophone flairs and Sandé’s soulful vocal stylings reminiscent of Janelle Monae‘s dramatic delivery style, “Heaven” is a delightful summertime treat, complete with a half dozen or more immediate, hook-heavy riffs. And while the song’s melodies play as infectious as any Top 40 radio hit, the song itself remains a vastly richer experience, layered with atmospheric strings and crashing beats.

Just as with her haunting downtempo demo “Easier In Bed,” “Heaven” positions Sandé as one of the most intriguing, exciting new voices in pop this year. One to watch? Absolutely.

For more information, check out her official website.

“Heaven” will be released on August 15 in the UK.