And now, the video premiere for what’s quickly becoming one of my top songs of the summer: The Wanted‘s club-lite smash, “Glad You Came.”

Watch as the boys gallivant ’round Ibiza in the Director X-led clip, playing on the beach (YAS!), taking off their shirts (YASSSS!!!) and grinding awfully close to some lady folk (STEP THE FUCK BACK, HO.)

All in all: A fun, sexy video for a fun, sexy song!

Then again, everything I actually needed to see during this video comes during the final few seconds, as Max “The Rully Hot One” Wanted locks eyes with the camera and seductively sings: “I’m glad you came.”

You’re welcome, Max. You. Are. Welcome.

“Glad You Came” will be released on July 10. (iTunes UK)