Call your girlfriend…it’s time you had the talk: It’s the video premiere for Robyn‘s latest Body Talk single, “Call Your Girlfriend”!

Shot in a single take, the clip finds the Swedish chanteuse pulling some serious shapes inside an empty auditorium (equipped with a bangin’ light system!), kicking, punching and thrusting her way through her gorgeous, glitchy kiss-off track. I’m loving the buzz-cut hipster/Wookie look!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending a Robyn concert, you’d know that this a pretty accurate display of all the manic energy and funk-ified choreography she delivers on a nightly basis while out on tour. I’d attempt to replicate that backward-tumble-and-hump-the-floor move so I could impress all the boys at the club, but I know I’d just end up rupturing a kidney or something.

In short: It’s perfect. What else is new? It’s ROBYN. Duh.

The “Call Your Girlfriend” Remix EP was released on May 10. (iTunes)