Get your guns up, Rihanna Navy!

Our fearless leader, Princess RiRi, took to Twitter on Sunday to announce that her Avril Lavigne-sampling, The Runners-produced ode to the freakin’ weekend will act as the seventh (!) overall single from her 2010 album, LOUD.

Late last night, Lady Fenty tweeted the gorgeous single art, featuring a very “Only Girl”-esque Ri looking splendorous while standing atop of the driver’s seat of her sexy ride. (Is it a Mercedes? Boom boom, bay-beh? I don’t know cars…)

According to All Access, “Cheers (Drink To That)” hits Top 40 radio on August 2.

A solid, celebratory mid-to-late summer smash? I’ll drink to that!

LOUD was released in November. (iTunes)