The Sugababes took to the stage at T4 On The Beach earlier today to perform their upcoming single, “Freedom.”

Today’s performance marked a crucial moment for the ‘Babes: Not only was this the official premiere of their new single, but their first performance following the announcement of their switch from Island Records to Sony/RCA. In short: You best believe that everything is riding on the success of this new single.

Luckily, it’s a pretty great pop banger. The verses allow for each ‘Babe to really croon individually (I can’t believe how incredible Jade Ewen sounds here–absolutely stunning vocal performance!), and the chorus is nothing short of an earworm (the fluttery harmonization on the actual word “Freedom” is still a bit iffy live, admittedly). Apart from the awkwardly all-too-obvious Brit Brit dubstep breakdown midway through, “Freedom” is a thoroughly solid track.

Along with the song, I happened to love mostly everything about this performance: The vocals were strong. (Jade starting at the 3-minute mark–oh my GOD!) The dance steps were (mostly) tight. The flags-aloft strut down the catwalk was fierce and En Vogue-esque. Despite a seemingly dead crowd response, it was a job well done!

While everyone and their Suga Momma has all but given up on the ‘Babes at this point following original member Keisha Buchanan‘s dismissal from the group in late 2009, I’m still rooting for the troupe. Get it, girls!

“Freedom” will be released on September 5. (iTunes UK)