L! O! V! E!

The Almighty Nicola Roberts visited The Paul O’Grady Show last Friday night to perform her debut solo single, “Beat Of My Drum.” And–spoiler alert–IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING.

You know, I was a bit worried about this one. After all, her performance on T4 back in June was a little–err, stilted. But…oh! How she turned this whole thing ’round!

Kicking off with an off-the-charts amazing acapella opening (holy vocals, Batman!), Queen Ginge and her troupe of dance-a-holics delivered a fine performance of her Diplo-produced chanty jam. There were butt thrusts! And hand signs spelling out the letters “L-O-V-E”! And lots of confetti and streamers! A bang-up job done by all.

Lady Roberts then served up a nearly identical, flawless performance of “Beat Of My Drum” on T4 On The Beach yesterday afternoon–except for the part where she got hit in the head with a beach-ball while trotting down the runway (at the 2:49 mark above).

I have absolutely no idea who that could have possibly been responsible for that attack…

The “Beat Of My Drum” Remix EP was released on July 10. (iTunes UK)