Daily B: Britney Confirms “Criminal” as Fourth ‘Femme Fatale’ Single Backstage at 2011 VMAs


It doesn’t get any more official than this: Britney herself just confirmed to MTV’s James Montgomery backstage at the 2011 VMA’s that “Criminal” will be the fourth single off of Femme Fatale!

MTV: Any plans for another video, another single?
Britney: Yes, mm-hmm.
MTV: And what will that be?”
B: I don’t know if I’m at liberty to tell…but, um, I will anyway! It’s ‘Criminal.’
MTV: Can you talk about what that song means to you?
B: The song is, you know–when I first heard it, it’s really different and there’s nothing I’ve heard like this before. I really wanted to deliver this song, and I was thinking of a really cool concept for the video just to make it interesting.
MTV: So, do you have the cool concept ready to go?
B: Yes, you’ll have to see.

I guess Team Spears really did listen to fans, because “Criminal” was the resounding winner from Britney’s Facebook fan poll!

While I would have loved to see this song come out at the very end of the campaign (please don’t let this be the end!), I’m still absolutely thrilled about the selection. “Criminal” is one of my favorite moments from Femme Fatale–it’s an absolutely gorgeous moment that showcases a slightly more mature side of the Holy Spearit. While it may not sound like anything on the radio right now, I’m still so excited to see it get a proper release!

I just can’t even begin to process the idea of a video for “Criminal”: All that I ask is that it involves Godney dressed as a fanciful maiden while riding a majestic steed. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!


Femme Fatale was released on March 29. (iTunes)

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