Ladies and gentleman: She may look sweet, but do not cross Miss Cady Groves–that is, unless you want a bullet square between the eyes.

The 21-year-old Oklahoma-bred songstress first got her start as a MySpace act, posting her acoustic demos on her page and responding to her ever-growing fan base on a daily basis. The attention led to the release of two EP’s: 2009’s A Month of Sundays and The Life of a Pirate, released in March of 2010.

After signing with RCA Records last year, Groves is now prepping her first major label release: “This Little Girl.”

The song, which first premiered on Idolator two weeks ago, was co-penned by Groves, Sean Douglas and Tom Meredith and produced by Swedish pop whiz Kristian Lundin, the man behind such iconic pop classics as Celine Dion‘s “That’s The Way It Is,” *NSYNC‘s “Bye Bye Bye,” and one of Britney‘s very best, “Born To Make You Happy.”

“I checked your phone ’cause it was beeping / Are you alone? I know you’re creeping,” the vengeful singer reveals on top of the stabbing strings of the song’s opening verse. And then in comes the chorus; a crunchy, genius explosion of pulsating pop as Groves warns the good-for-nothing guy playing games with her heart: “You’re not the only one walking ’round with a loaded gun!”

With enough lyrical vitriol to have Kelly Clarkson shining up her rifle and just the right kind of synth-pop pulsations in between the song’s punchy production to set Ellie Goulding‘s heart a-flutter, this little girl is definitely capable of murder–not to mention a ridiculously promising career. Just don’t stand in her way!

“This Little Girl” is currently available for free from Groves’ official website.

Thanks to Muuser Calen C. for the heads up on this track!