David Guetta – “Titanium (feat. Sia)”

So it’s a fight you want? Well, as Jordin Sparks would likely say: YABETTAGOANDGETCHURAMMA.

Powerhouse Aussie-born soulstress Sia comes guns blazing in “Titanium,” the final track off of David Guetta‘s forthcoming record Nothing But The Beat, which is due out on August 30 in the US.

“Titanium” is a blend of many amazing elements–from the delicate guitar-strummed verses of Rogue Traders “In Love Again” to the explosive, crashing choruses of every song featured on Kelis‘ 2010 electro-masterpiece, Flesh Tone.

While our society has come to abuse this word, there’s really only one way to properly describe the song: Epic.

From the very first second, “Titanium” teems with an anxious anticipation of what’s to come. Yet even by the time the song’s chorus does rolls around, you still won’t be ready: “Shoot me down, but I won’t fall / I am titanium!” Sia triumphantly declares, and then it happens: The beat drops, giving way to a gasp-worthy, pearl-clutching orgy of stadium-sized synthesizers and filthy, grinding electronica.

Lyrically speaking, the song contains all the reinforcement of some of the major Top 40 self-empowerment anthems floating around as the ditties du jour in pop music today, as Sia stands strong (presumably against haters–still unconfirmed) directly within the line of fire: “I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose / Fire away, fire away / Ricochet, you take your aim / Fire away, fire away,” she boldly announces. For fans of Demi Lovato‘s similarly metal-minded “Skyscraper”, you’ll be pleased to know that Sia too is holding her ground as an impenetrable alloy–only further proving that the pop industry will soon be overrun by singing Japanese robots.

On the serious: “Titanium” is the best thing Guetta’s produced in ages (well, since Kelly Rowland‘s “Commander.”) While the frighteningly successful French DJ has become a dance floor staple for the latter half of the past decade, Guetta’s usually due to churn out something truly transcendent every year or so–“Titanium” is one of those moments.

Easily a favorite of the year.

“Titanium (feat. Sia)” will be released on August 8. (iTunes)